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Patizon R 300 - SUMMER MINIMALISM - SIZE: S (for heights 156 - 170 cm), COLOUR: All Midnight navy

TEMPERATURES 6°C, 2°C, -13°C (ISO EN 23537) WEIGHT 630 g (S) | 675 g (M) | 720 g (L)

Small, lightweight, packable. The R 300 is a summer down sleeping bag that offers ample space, pleasant material, and a simplified hood that can still be adjusted into a full anatomical shape. Three hundred grams of recycled down, Toray Airtastic material (100% recycled nylon), a semi-automatic zipper. Simply a summer sleeping bag for anyone who cares about nature and wants a reliable partner with an excellent balance of price and performance. More

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  • We fill R series sleeping bags with high quality recycled down certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) with a minimum fill power of 650 cuin.
  • Both the exterior and interior of the sleeping bag are made using premium Toray Airtastic material with water-repellent DWR treatment (C6) and a weight of 38 g/m2. This 100% nylon fabric is also environmentally friendly, being made from 100% recycled raw material.
  • The long-term effectiveness of the DWR treatment is 80% after twenty washing cycles.
  • The sleeping bag features a wider comfortable cut and an open hood construction with the option for full closure.
  • It includes a sophisticated, single-handed adjustable inner collar around the shoulder/neck area to prevent heat loss. Thanks to its unique design, it doesn't require additional fastening with a velcro or magnet.
  • An anatomically shaped footbox ensures maximum comfort and thermal comfort.
  • It comes with a straight semi-automatic SHZ zipper with two sliders made from recycled nylon.
  • The zipper has a thickness of 3 mm instead of the classic 6 mm to reduce heat loss and overall weight.
  • Insulated baffle under the entire zipper prevent heat loss and also prevent the slider from snagging.
  • An internal pocket measuring 20 x 12 cm serves as storage for items you need at hand or protected from freezing (batteries, medication, etc.).
  • The "Z" chamber construction guarantees sufficient insulation thickness in any position.
  • There are loops for hanging the sleeping bag (e.g., for drying or storage).
  • The insulation filling is distributed in a 50:50 ratio (upper part: lower part) within the sleeping bag.
  • A compressible stuff sack reduces the volume of the sleeping bag by up to 13 times.
  • It is supplied together with the sleeping bag.
  • A storage bag is also provided along with the sleeping bag.

The wide and easily adjustable hood ensures two things - comfort on warm nights, allowing the option to keep the opening around the head comfortably wide and airy, with the possibility of placing a pillow directly into the hood. As the temperature drops, the hood can be effectively tightened around the head to maximize insulation capabilities.

The anatomically-shaped footbox ensures comfort and thermal comfort for your feet. The chambers in the foot area are shaped in a way that the down insulation is spread out evenly, surrounding the feet and preventing it from being compressed or unnecessarily squeezed.

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