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Patizon Fix-It Tape

From time to time, accidents happen, and it is necessary to repair equipment in the field. Our self-adhesive patches stick like nails, are waterproof, flexible, and transparent. Clearly the ideal solution. More

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Durable and flexible polyurethane self-adhesive patches designed for emergency repair of functional equipment. The package contains 6 patches. The material of the patches is matte and transparent. Suitable, among other uses, for repairing waterproof, down, and other insulation jackets, sleeping bags, or tents (excluding silicone-coated ones)

The package contains 6 patches:

- 4 pieces 2 cm round patch

- 1 piece 5 cm round patch

- 1 piece 2,8x8,2 cm rectangular patch with round edges


Remove any dirt from the fabric to be repaired, dry it, and remove loose fibers. Prepare a patch that is larger in size than the tear or hole to be repaired. Peel off the protective layer from the adhesive side of the patch and gradually apply it to the fabric, which should ideally be placed on a firm, flat surface. Press firmly and attempt to smooth out the patch for better adhesion and a more durable bond.

Manufacturer: StormSure, Great Britain.