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Patizon Compressor Sack - Sacks size: XL

Fantastic compression cover that can reduce the size of a sleeping bag to an absolute minimum. It has only one flaw - a bad print. Help us save it! More

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The Compressor Sack is made out of strong, durable yet reasonably light polyester, that protects your sleeping bag from abrassion. It has a water repellent finish as well. It is constructed with three compression straps that can minimize the volume of your speeping bag to minimum.

Material: 100% polyester

Weight and sizes:

S: 17 x 30,5 cm | 69 g. Best for: Patizon Dpro 290 / Patizon G 400.

M: 20 x 33,5 cm | 79 g. Best for: Patizon Dpro 590.

L: 22 x 39,5 cm | 91 g. Best for: Patizon Dpro 890 / Patizon G 800.

XL: 25 x 50,5 cm | 116 g. Best for: Patizon G 1100.