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Mountain ridges, deep valleys, wild alpine creeks and peaceful lakes inside vast forests. Those places are our playground. Places, where we seek adventure, meditaition, adrenaline. But these places also need to be protected.

That is why we have chosen to behave responibly from the very begining of our company. These are the six major pillars of responisbility we stand for.

Made in Czech republic

Quality = longevity

Refund value

Producing at home, in Czech republic, means a lot to us. We do not need to travel that much. Nor we, niether the products. Moreover, we want to employ Czech citizens and be a part of the legacy of well known Czech craftmenship of quality outdoor gear.

High quality materials and high quality craftmenship make product, that can last years. And it is always better to buy one sleeping bag in 10 years than buy four and but them all to landfill.

The time will come, when our product will come to an end of its life. Please, do not throw it to the trash. We will buy out that Patizon product for 20 EUR that you can use to buy new Patizon gear. And we will make sure that the old one will be recycled properly or used otherwise.

Recycled materials


Natural materials

Finding the right recycled materials to make an outstanding and functional outdoor equipment is not easy. We tried hard and now we can say - from the start of 2022, Patizon products will be made with 100% recycled Pertex fabrics and other recycled components. When somethong is broken, fix it. That is another benefit of production in Czech republic. We can repair almost anything, that can happen to our products. No need to throw them away. The down is a natural product with exeptional properties of insulation, compressibility and low weight. And moreover, the down we use is certified with RDS (Responsible Down Standard), that ensures welfare of the birds and ethical and responsible collection of the feathers.