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The down is, with no doubt, the best insulation material that is out there. But having the best down means nothing, when you dont use it properly. You have to use the right fabrics, construction and details, that take advantage of the insulation capabilities and let the down shine. Well, not shine. Insulate. So how do we do it?

About our down

Premium European Goose Down: 850 CUIN | 90/10

Premium insulation material for our G series sleeping bags. It brings outstanding insulation capabilities, great compressibility and low weight. This down is hypoallergenic, cleaned by a biodegradation process and certified by RDS and IDFL. We use this insulation in our G series.

Premium European Duck Down: 700 CUIN | 90/10

High quality insulation filling for our Dpro series. This down blend provides great warmth, compressibility and low weight. Moreover, it has outstanding moisture management. This down is hypoallergenic, cleaned by a biodegradation process and certified by RDS and IDFL. We use this insulation in our Dpro series.

About our materials

Pertex Quantum 

Ultralight (32 g/m2), strong and extremely breathable fabric (100% nylon), treated with ecological water repellent (DWR). That is the short description. The longer one would be: heck of a fabric, with outstanding lightweight to tear strenght ratio, fantastic breathability and reliable water repelency. Of course it is wind and down proof and moreover, it feels great even directly on skin.

Pertex Quantum MiniRip

The MiniRip version of Pertex Quantum fabric is a bit havier (35 g/m2), but you wont notice that. It has a ripstop structure to be a bit more rugged. Of course it has the same features as the standard version: breathability, lightness, DWR treatment. It is wind and down proof and we use it mostly on our Dpro Series.

The power of detail

Semi-automatic YKK zipper

This is something that we are really proud of. Our sleeping bags use semi-automatic 3 mm YKK zipper, that has a unique way of operation. It reduces the bulk and weight, it can be easilly operated with gloves on and having it means there is no reason for velcroes or buckles at the end of it.