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The down is the best insulation that you can get. But it needs some extra care. But if you do so, your sleeping bag or jacket will reward you with exeptional longelivety and outstanding performance.


Storing your sleeping bag & down jacket

The best way to store your down sleeping bag is to hang it free in a dark and well ventilated place (closet for example). If you do not have enough oom for that, the second best option is to store it in our storage bagm that is supplied with all our sleeping bags. After every outing, unpack your sleeping bag from the compression bag, let it dry out and then store it.

The best way to store your down jacket is to hang it on a hanger in a dry, dark and well ventilated place. 

Cleaning your sleeping bag & down jacket

Minor dirt stains can be easilly removed by gently rubbing with wet cloth and warm water.

Washing your down sleeping bag or jacket

Washing your down sleeping bag is not that hard that you might think. But it takes a bit of time (unless you have a dryer!)

You can wash your Patizon sleeping bag or jacket in a washing maschine. Follow the instructions printed on your sleeping bag, or use these: Wash it in a washing mashine using a gentle programme with no more than 30°C. Do not spin-dry. Use a specialty detergent made for down products. Avoid any aggresive detergents.

If you do not have a dryer

It is necessary to let the sleeping bag or jacket dry in horizontal orientation in a well ventilated place. Give it a shake regularly to prevent the down from clumping together. It can take up to one week before it is completely dry. Do not iron nor blend down products.

If you have a dryer

You can dry your down filled product in a dryer. Do not exceed 30°C temperatures.

Washing your sleeping bag once a year will keep your sleeping bag in a great condition for many years. Washing your down jacket rewgurarly prolonges its lifespan.



If time and conditions allow, it’s always good to hang your sleeping bag into the air and let it dry for a while. This helps to keep the poeformance of the insulation at the highest level when using the sleeping bag for an extended period of time. The same applies to a down jacket.


That’s easy! Simply stuff the sleeping bag / down jacket into the compression bag. It is way better than rolling it systematically every time the same way, because you don’t strain the same fiber spots over and over again.